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You want that coveted #1 rank on Google.

You know you need extra help to get there.

But you’re unsure who to trust with SEO Consulting.

You know you want your company’s website at #1 on Google. But what you might not know, is that you’re missing out on up to 62% of potential online business, if you’re not on that first page! You’re a busy professional and you can’t outrank your competitors while working alone. After all, Google updates its search algorithm 3 or 4 times each day! Not even Superman himself, could keep up with this rate of change, without the advice gathered from proper SEO Consulting!

According to Moz, google updates between 500 and 600 times each year. Now, I understand that it is especially difficult to keep up to date with these algorithm changes. What used to work even a few months ago, may have been abused and exploited by black hat marketers. Google updates all the time to fight against these exploitations of their algorithm. After all, Google is in the business of providing the best possible experience for the end user.

Long gone, are the days of link farms, directories, and spammy links. Those are glaring red flags to search engines. Because they’re fast, cheap, and easy to create, they’ve been abused for well over a decade. Instead, Google gives the most respect to links from juggernaut authority sites. Read: Industry Giants, Major Publications, and Mainstream Media.

In order to gain links from these highly respected sites, you’ll need to have a high quality site of your own. But that’s only one piece of the puzzle. It only makes sense to reach out to Professional SEO Agencies for help. But take warning: there will be agencies promising they can “gain rank quickly.” They should be ignored at all cost! SEO is a long term game, with deliberately slow movement by Google’s design.

Those agencies will try to sell you the moon, and serve it on a silver platter. Seven times out of ten, they will turn around and spam the internet to death with their crappy links. Cheap spam links will turn YOU into the bad guy. We’re not in the 2000s anymore. That kind of spam will only piss people off, and cause Google to blacklist your site. This means it will be removed from ALL search results, not just the top page! This is why you MUST HAVE the best SEO Consulting Experts available to you.

Where are my manners? Please allow me to introduce myself.

Hi, I’m Peter. I’m a 27 year old SEO Content Ranking Expert, and a thriving survivor of Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird. For the last 5 years, I have lead a company of professional SEO Experts, who have mastered SEO Consulting. We work with small and medium businesses in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

By keeping my company in small teams, we maintain a high level of efficiency. Together, we have been helping businesses climb to the top of their search results and stay there. This means you’re not taking your money and pissing into the wind.

Unlike the typical SEO Agency, we have developed effective processes to track our own tests. We are able to determine what trends are working, and what trends are being punished.

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Somewhat unusual to most SEO businesses, I have dedicated members of my team whose only job is to act like a SEO watchdog. They track weekly and monthly changes that are affecting our network of test sites. They also have their ear to the ground, listening to the conversations of Google and their blogs.

We test each and every one of these techniques on dozens of our own private test sites. This is so we can ensure our strategies remain successful for our clients, at the time that we provide SEO Consulting.

About Me

Ranking on search engines is getting difficult each year because thousands of websites are registered online every day and the competition is so high.So, the only way to overcome this competition and to perform better in business is to do search engine optimization also known as SEO. In Australia, my SEO services are one of the longest standing SEO companies. Due to the experience gained from doing complex and challenging projects, our SEO experts are better and we are the best SEO consultant in Australia. We are also specialised doing SEO in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.

More than 1000’s of businesses from local and abroad already using my SEO services.

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Before any Professional SEO Consulting, we test techniques on our private test sites. This ensures our strategies remain successful for our clients.

We carefully measure and manage each test, to categorize and prioritize our rank building strategies. There are three major categories which our tests fall under:

  • Tests with positive effects to ranks over time are to remain inside each teams current bag of tricks.
  • Tests with zero effects to ranks over time in either direction, are monitored and placed into a TBD, or To Be Determined category.
  • Tests with negative effects are put into a category “affectionately” known as DNR tactics. DO – NOT – RESUSCITATE aka “For the love of God, it’s not 2012 anymore – so please just let these tactics die!”

Keeping up to date with the latest tactics and strategies allows my teams to continually hone our skills with razor sharp precision! The only thing we ever hold back, are the bad strategies that cause problems on our own test sites. And this allows us to deliver nothing but top notch efforts to get your website to the top of the search results.

Disclaimer: Today’s SEO game is no longer a fast acting sprint to #1. As Google continues to get more sophisticated, it becomes harder to fight your way to the top, and is much slower. This slow climb is by design. Depending on the age of your site, this can be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months!

In the last five years there have been a few major updates to Google. Most of the devastating ones named after animals. Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird, all changed SEO as we knew it to be.

For every update, there were catastrophic results to sites that used unethical techniques. At the same time, there were plenty of sites that focused on what Google wanted back then, and still today: High quality experiences for their users. Each time they were rewarded with increased positioning.

While working with thousands of companies over the years, we have seen an obvious pattern. Google rewards websites that are focused on two concepts. These are the two overarching elements that I use to “Future-proof” your site.

Identifying and producing high quality experiences for your users.

  • Are you answering their search inquiries?
  • Are you teaching, guiding, and educating them?
  • Are you providing the solutions to their perceived problems?

Acquiring powerful links from high authority sites inside your industry.

  • Are industry experts linking to your business as a solution?
  • Are niche authorities linking to your business as a resource?
  • Are you able to provide extra value to their customers original experience?

We have developed a detailed seven step auditing system on how to maximize these two concepts.

The Seven Phases of Our Comprehensive SEO Audit

As a Professional SEO Consultant, my team and I initiate each contract, with a Seven Phase Audit. First, we uncover where improvements can be had. Afterwards, we develop a custom strategy to help boost your SEO to its maximum potential. It is our goal to provide you with the most comprehensive SEO Audit and Actionable Item Report that you have ever experienced.
This critical analysis covers more than 200 action items. When stacked up, these can contribute to where you ultimately rank with Google. Some items may be fairly simple to correct. But if overlooked, may be the difference between ranking first on Google or being stuck on the third page.
We rarely see this many items needing to be addressed. So don’t think you’ll need to rebuild your site from scratch. (We’ve only suggested that twice in the last 1,000 clients)

Initial Site Analysis

Phase One

We start by taking a look at your site. First, we are going to have a conversation about your current marketing strategy and its effectiveness. Once we understand what you have been attempting to do, we begin the site analysis. And we keep your marketing goals in constant consideration.

We look at your site architecture, and how your clients flow through your website. We are specifically looking for bottlenecks and areas that may be more complex than they need to be. Pages should not be difficult to reach, and navigation should be simple.
We look at the technical elements of your site. Site loading speed, mobile friendly, and other elements that unknowingly suppress ranking potential.
We look at your on-site content. Paying particular attention to areas that are almost always over optimized. Including headlines, titles, images, grammar, and spelling, in relation to your chosen keywords. We check for duplicate content inside your site, as well as content that may also be posted on other sites.
We look at your core pages. The About Us page, the Privacy Policy Page, and the Contact Us page. Each are quite often neglected or even forgotten by online businesses.

Initial Marketing Analysis

Phase Two
After the initial site analysis, we dive deep into the content strategy of your company. We find it to be very important to identify your company’s voice. This helps us align with any new content and marketing efforts, moving forward. Most agencies would skip right over this, creating a confusing or conflicting narrative.
We start by looking at the current keywords you are ranking for, as well as their current positions. From this discovery phase, we determine the levels of these keywords. Some will be low competition, medium competition, and others high competition.
Regardless of your current strategy, we always recommend targeting the lowest hanging fruit. These are usually long tail keywords, with profitable modifiers of higher competition keywords. Although the search results are lower, they are mostly consumers that are ready to buy!

Professional Competitive Analysis

Phase Three
Once we know which keywords we are going to target, we perform a competitive analysis. We are looking at their site architecture, backlink profile, and content strategy. We are surveying their level of competency across all their efforts.
We take this step order to develop a strategy for beating the competition. Without understanding your competitors, the content and link building may not be enough. There is no blueprint for business, but only outperforming the competition. We always need to know what the competitors are doing, to outperform them.

On Page SEO Consulting and Best Content Optimization Practices

Phase Four
During Phase Four, we focus on content strategy, and on-site optimization of existing content. First things first. Correcting elements that have been previously over optimized. Attention to headings, titles, meta descriptions, keyword densities, and many other elements. Cleaning these areas up will allow you to seamlessly integrate new keywords into areas that Google pays close attention to.
Next, is my favorite part of the entire content strategy process. We begin introducing and blending new longtail keywords where they are naturallyappropriate. Some of these keywords fit well with current content on your site. Other keywords may not be a good fit. They are going to need entirely new content, while speaking from your company’s voice.
Each new piece of content is written with one of two objectives. Brand awareness, which helps educate potential new clients. Or, conversion of visitors who are already aware of your company, and what you are offering. Both of these types of content are necessary for a thriving online presence. A mistake many companies make, is to provide only one or the other. This blend of information is where my team positively influences your ROI.

Comprehensive Site Speed Optimization

Phase Five
Once your entire website has reached this phase, we are ready to begin dialing in your page loading speed. Google regards loading speed as very important in it’s ranking algorithm. Unresponsive and slow loading websites are frustrating and a waste of time. Pun intended!
Know that Google is in the business of providing the best user experience possible. They have placed major emphasis upon keeping slow websites off of the first page results. If you’re not paying attention to the loading speed of your site you are shooting yourself in the foot.
We optimize by focusing on many styling elements that all load when visiting your site. Scripts, fonts, hosting, and a handful of other elements all add up to a frustrating site loading speed. As you can imagine, pictures and videos are only one part of this puzzle. However, failing to properly format your rich media, can be like pushing a rope up a hill.

Sitemap Creation and Google Submission

Phase Six
Once your site has been completely optimized, it is time to create a site map. This is a critical document. It carries the sole purpose of providing the search engines a set of instructions. This helps them intelligently crawl all through your site to find pages, pictures, videos, and links. The sitemap is submitted to all major search engines for faster indexing purposes.

Local SEO

Phase Seven
For businesses with an off-line presence, we can take extra steps to increase reach with local audiences. Our team targets all relevant local listings. This includes niche specific job boards, as well as classifieds sites. We ensure your company’s address is correctly listed on Google maps. This helps to gain maximum visibility when potential clients are searching in your area.

We have worked with more than 1,000 clients.

Here’s what some of them are saying.

When we provide our Professional SEO Consulting

We call it Future Proofing your site, and you can too!

Google’s job is to provide the best experience for its users. My job, is to get you to the top of the search results, and to provide you with the blueprints to stay there.

Once my team performs our Seven Phase Comprehensive SEO Audit, we are able to dive deep into the technical SEO elements of your site, and with a fresh perspective. You will receive the results, and it’s up to you and your team to put them into action. But they’re not just pass/fail grades. I provide information and suggestions on how you should proceed, for best practices.

As you use this actionable item list, you will correct small details that you may have not been aware of. These will help to reduce any confusion on your site, with crawlers or customers.

Google takes every element of your site into consideration. You will want as many of these elements in line with where Google prefers them, as possible. And when you play by Google’s rules, you won’t be getting penalized!

Meanwhile, your site will run like a supercharged Ferrari on a race track! Okay, maybe not THAT exhilarating, but it’ll be fast! And it will be effective. And it will be future proof!

For such an in-depth service, our ordering process is quite simple, but first…

We want you to know, that we are in the business of getting your site to the top of Google. But we first like to make sure that we are starting on the same page. Before accepting any business from new clients, we like to have a conversation.

  • Will we be able to provide you with the professional SEO services you are looking for?
  • Will we help clean up any unknown errors within your site?
  • Will we help guide the onsite content, and link building efforts?
  • Will we do our very best to serve our clients?
  • Will we have amazing communication, throughout our contract?
  • Will our clients do what they can, in order to facilitate a successful business partnership?
  • Will our clients put into practice as many of the actionable item list?
  • Will our clients be able to provide us with necessary information as we inquire?
  • Will our clients allow to be educated on best practices to use for their brand?
  • Will our clients understand the dedication that is required, for a successful SEO campaign to reach fruition?

Yes we will.

We certainly hope so.

At the bottom of this page, is a form to begin the initial conversation of our business relationship. By filling out the form, we understand that you are committed to finding the best solutions possible for your company moving forward. We are looking forward to hearing from you, and what kind of success that your company is wanting to achieve.

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We’ve reached a fork in the road.

One path leads to Peterr.com.au, and a highly skilled team of Professional SEO Consultants. They perform an intense SEO audit, develop strategy, and offer a customized approach to a highly detailed service. They are honest with you, and don’t make unrealistic promises. All while providing you with unparalleled customer service throughout the terms of conducting business. They do what they can to bring your targeted search results to the top results as quickly as possible, without risking or using any practices that Google frowns upon. They’re not the most expensive, but they’re not the cheapest either. They make you feel great about your SEO again.

And the other path leads you to the SEO Consulting section of Fiverr. You want your company’s site to be on top of Google, and that’s what every listed seller is promising. Each of the sales messages are all the same, while only the provided link amounts are different. A seller with an interesting username catches your eye. They’re selling 10,000 links, for just $5 dollars! You recently read that Google likes links. The more the better. And at an incredible price! What could go wrong? Everything. You’re risking website being banned from the search results. And while 86% of the world uses Google, a whopping 0% will be able to see your site in the search results. Don’t risk it.

Instead, make the right decision for your company’s future. Go ahead and fill out the form below, and let’s get started with a Seven Phase Comprehensive SEO Audit.

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